Saturday, March 07, 2015

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn...

I've been whining about it more on Facebook than here, but part of why I've just been "Caribblogging" lately is because I came down with a stupid bug about a week after we got back from the Caribbean, and it's taken ages to shake, and between that and the way the winter kicked into high gear after we got back, I just haven't been getting out much.

I've improved enough that I was able to attend the kayak meeting today at the club, though, and it was fun finally seeing the basin.

As I'd suspected, at least I haven't been missing a lot of kayaking! 




Anh said...

I think we should invest the sauna money on a small icebreaker.

bonnie said...

YES! I would absolutely vote for that!

Unknown said...

The Sauna King is in favor of that as well.

bonnie said...

If I hadn't been sick for the entire month of February, I would have been going absolutely bonkers!

bonnie said...

Or maybe I would've just been going to more pool sessions. But I would've been jonesing to paddle outside.

Come to think of it, I think it was a winter like this one when I came up with the word "frogma".