Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pre-spring thaw...


I walked out the front door this morning and the first thing I thought was, 

"Oooh, should I buy some seeds?"

Funny (but I'm not complaining, no no no) to be thinking that when just one week ago I went to work in this:

Of course there's no guarantee that this is it, the lion side of March may have a roar or two yet to roar. Back when I worked at Carnegie Hall, about a hundred years ago or something like that, I got to see the Chieftains on St. Patrick's Day one year because there was a huge blizzard and nobody could make it in, but I guess the band was staying close enough to the hall that they could make it, so the show went on (they do say it must, right?) and I got to go. Still, even if this is just a respite, not the end - dang, it's nice.

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