Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stolen Kayak (Surfski type), Wales, UK

UPDATE! FABULOUS NEWS! The boat was mysteriously returned to Cat's garden last week! Cat had a ton of friends helping to spread the news, and she thinks that maybe the thieves got wind of the fact that people were going to be looking for this unique boat and decided it was too hot to handle. It's amazing that they actually brought it back instead of just ditching it somewhere, but however it happened, Cat's ecstatic!

No, I am not in Wales, but I do have a couple of boatblogger friends in the UK, and beyond that, the internet is a weird thing, so I'm going to pass this along here for my friend Cat, who had her beloved Dorado II, a South African fishing surfski, stolen out of her garden in Pembrokeshire, Wales. She loved this boat, actually got it here in the States, she'd actually used it for the big Jamaica Bay fishing tournament right here in Brooklyn before shipping it home to Wales because she'd loved it that much. This isn't a boat that she can just run down to the boat shop and replace. I hope she gets it back. Here are her details:

STOLEN, PLEASE SHARE: KASKAZI DORADO II. With great sorrow I report the theft of my Dorado from my garden in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I just checked under the blue tarp I keep her under and she was gone. 15.5 feet long, orange and white gelcoat, back crate is missing from well (I have it in my house). I have fond memories of this boat, and it completed the MR340 one year in Missouri as well as many fishing tournaments on the East coast. Message me (her - here's the original Facebook post) if you have seen it or heard it might be for sale.

If by some wonderful chance you have spotted this boat, either in person or on Craigslist or something, and you don't have Facebook, you can email the info to me at bonnie13 "at" - please use "Stolen boat" as the subject, if I haven't got your email in my address book, it will get screened, but I'll be watching the screening folder for that subject. Thanks!

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