Friday, May 15, 2015

How does my garden grow? So far so good.

Dragonetti's Garden Supply, Canarsie, Brooklyn - choices, choices!
Choices were - mystery heirloom tomatoes (the label just says "heirloom" and it's 4 mixed plants), grape tomatoes (I didn't have any little tomatoes last year and it seemed like I spent a lot of time waiting for the big ones to ripen, so I'm putting the little ones back in in hopes of a steadier stream), cukes, chard (I usually start this and the beets from seed but since I'm starting so late and they had chard seedlings at Dragonetti's, I got some of those - I put seeds in too but this'll move things along), sweet basil, and a Scotch bonnet pepper. Doesn't look like much but in a 4x6 plot, a little does indeed go a long way. I forgot the beet seeds but I had some left from last year in the junk drawer here at home and I've got those wrapped up in a wet paper towel to see if they'll sprout. 

Bed, pre-weeding - so many weeds!

 Post-weeding, fresh soil added

 All planted. The center has chard seeds and the space in front is where the beets go. 

I weeded and planted on Sunday. The forecast at one point had showed rain early in the week, so I thought it would be good timing; the rain never happened, and it actually got pretty hot, so I was a little worried as I was finally heading out to the club tonight that I was going to find everything wilted and dying. Everything was fine, though - either somebody watered on the hot days or the soil was still a little damp from the soaking I gave it on Sunday, there was a lot of fog the first couple of days of the week so it may just not have dried out as much as I was afraid it was going to when it spiked up into summer-type temperatures during the week. At any rate, seems to be off to a nice start and things should quiet down a bit at work once I finish this week's big project, so I should be able to get out to the club to tend things fairly regularly for a while after this. Might even mix that in with a little post-work paddling - the days are getting long enough and the gear has gotten light enough!

Glad to finally have it underway for 2015.


clairesgarden said...

looking good!! starting off with plants and putting some seeds in lster makes for a longer 'picking' season. good idea!

LauraEhlers said...

My Grandma said Mother's Day was the perfect time to plant everything (except potatoes - those go out on St. Pats!) So I think you are right no time! Can't wait to see how things progress!

Painless Mama said...

Looks good - we have arugula (which we've been eating, even the kids) several varieties of daisy, primrose and pansy. I want to start some lettuce soon - although I worry about the squirrel. And I planted sunflowers and cukes. Still trying to figure out carrots.

Hopefully, everything goes as planned.

bonnie said...

Never tried carrots - let me know how they go if you do!

Happy that we're having a rainy weekend.