Monday, December 28, 2015

December Dancers

VolvoTango dancers enjoy an atmospheric and unseasonably warm day at Pier 45. Really, can you picture a much New Yorky-er scene than this?

Hope everyone's been having a splendid and peaceful holiday season. Posting here has been somewhat interrupted by the delightful semi-surprise of having my sister turn up - we haven't seen each other in ages, and she'd run the idea of an NYC visit past me much earlier in the month, but it was dependent on plane fares dropping. I didn't have any big holiday plans (in fact since I'd had two fabulous tropical vacations this year, and had taken full advantage of my seniority at the office to take the last two weeks of the year off for the last couple of years, I'd volunteered to hold down the fort at work this time around, it's quiet here but at least one finance person needs to be around for emergency reporting and approvals and stuff), so I said it would be great to see her, but when I hadn't heard any updates for a couple of weeks, I'd just assumed it wasn't happening. Well, plane fares dropped late in the week before Christmas and she had to jump fast to get 'em, and I found out that she was on her way when she was literally on her way! She's been having a great visit, she's a good independent traveller, I've been joining her for sightseeing and fabulous meals (Gramercy Tavern! Pearl Oyster Bar! Bubby's! Castello Plan!) when I can and she's been amusing herself quite successfully when I couldn't. Sunday was a bit gloomy but warm, and we went for a walk in the Hudson River Park (among other places).

I was absolutely delighted when I heard the tango music and saw the dancers at the end of the pier, I have a couple of paddling friends who are regular tango dancers and sure enough, although one tango regular wasn't there because she was feeling a bit under the weather, it was great to run into Steve B. (one of the VolvoTango organizers) and Derek O. there! 


Connie McLeod said...

It sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful time. The unexpected tango experience looks/sounds great. I love it when unexpected adventures happen.

LauraEhlers said...

Just wonderful! I love when the universe provides such unexpected fun! Happy New Year Bonnie!!

bonnie said...

This was an especially nice surprise! Steve B. was playing the music and was also kind enough to give me a short lesson, he's a very good dance instructor although his student-for-one-dance couldn't quite get the hang of turning - straight forward and straight backwards I could do but there's a nifty little spinny that the tango ladies do when it's time to turn that I just couldn't sort out! Fun trying, though, and such fun watching the folks who knew how to dance dancing.