Saturday, December 19, 2015

NYC Holiday Windows Part 3 - Tiffany's and Berfdorf Goodman - saved the best for last!

These kids loved the sparkly Bergdorf Goodman windows - couldn't resist taking their picture, they were so cute as they oooh'd and aaah'd!

Part 3 was after the carol service, which was very nice, as I think I mentioned in the last post. The sun had gone down while we were there, which makes the windows show up better, and we'd saved our perennial favorites for last, those being Tiffany's, which always does these lovely little themed vignettes in their smaller jewel-box windows, each showcasing some nice little Tiffany's baubles, and then Bergdorf Goodman's, which is always very very very WOW. This was especially the case this year as they were sponsored by Swarovski and apparently had unlimited mountains of crystals with which to cover EVERYTHING - so they did! Tiffany's had made each window into a perfect little theatre, with little footlights and a different stage set in each one. Click here for a short photo album of these two. Enjoy! 

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Lois Alter Mark said...

Gorgeous! This totally makes me miss living in New York. The holiday season is always so beautiful and festive there.