Thursday, August 04, 2016

FISH FARTS! :D Who says science is boring? Help Fund a Fish Fart Study (to learn more about whales)!

Yes, fish farts! That's what I said!

Gotham Whale is out there all summer studying our local whales (and introducing thrilled locals like me to them as well) and now they have a hypothesis they'd like to test. Paul Sieswerda was talking about the planned research when my Antarctic kayak guide friend Louise and I went out whalewatching on the American Princess earlier this summer, and it sounded really interesting, so I was delighted to see the crowdfunding page pop up on a friend's Facebook page the other day. Click here to read more, and donate there if you'd like to help Gotham Whale do some science).

If you missed my 2 posts about going out marine mammal watching with Gotham Whale, click here for the time with the dolphins and here for the time with the whales! 


Janice Wald said...

My daughter is a scientist. She speaks sometimes but I can't understand her. I'm proud of her, but it would be nice if I understand the scientific lingo she uses, so I can take part in a conversation with her about her interest and studies.

bonnie said...

Reminds me of moments when my dad and my sister start talking about work - they're both chemical engineers and although they are still apparently speaking English but I would be at a loss to explain to anyone what they were discussing!

Gotham Whale is neat in that they really do make what they're doing accessible and get ordinary non-professional-scientists interested in and even involved in their research. Citizen science is a very cool thing. I haven't got any scientific training beyond high school biology but I've reported a sighting or two (Paul collects data on seals too and they come into Jamaica Bay in the winter) and I get a real kick out of actually being able to help in some little with the efforts to learn more about our local marine mammals (of which we're getting more and more, which is lovely).

LauraEhlers said...

How could this NOT be amazing!!