Friday, August 05, 2016

How Does My Garden Grow (Early August 2016 edition)

Not too badly, considering I basically haven't done anything to it maintenance-wise in a weeks! I did ask my fellow gardeners if they could please water my plot if things were looking droopy while I was away; between that (a definite plus to community gardening!) and the fact that I was pretty sure that the rain we had on a couple of days while I was in Michigan was eventually going to go rain on NYC, I had hopes that I would find things OK, and that was the case.

The bed was looking pretty shaggy with weeds, including a couple of frighteningly well-started ailanthus seedlings (that's the Tree Grows In Brooklyn tree - not in my garden though, please!!!), but I got there with enough light in the day to have time to clean things up. And what a haul of produce I brought home -- I'd told the other gardeners that if there were tomatoes that looked like they needed eating or anything to help themselves, but I don't know if anybody availed themselves of that offer!


Alana said...

You have a friendly community garden! In ours, it is hit and miss. We've had one neighbor for years in ours, who is a wonderful older man. But the last three days, due to a festival, we haven't been able to get in. So fortunate that it rained for us and for you.

bonnie said...

Well, it's actually at my kayak club, so it's not really a standard-issue community garden, we have better communications and we're mostly all actually friends from boating together.

The trickiest thing is that sometimes people are overeager to water and don't let others know when they have. I haven't got a car and the club is not particularly close to home, so I have to make a special effort to get out there - it's actually pretty annoying to roust myself out of bed two and a half hours early to go water during a dry spell only to get there and find the soil is practically soaking. But I don't complain because I'm pretty sure that that enthusiasm has probably saved my garden more than once when I've failed to make the early start (I'm not an early bird at all)!