Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Definite Last Session of 2016 -

Oops, thought I was going to have my annual holiday windows post tonight, but the friend with whom I always go to see them isn't feeling well today, so instead, here are a few photos from last week's music session. I was on the tail end of a cold, in fact I'd stayed home from work on Monday, but it was the night of the annual holiday party and the first in the Dempsey's session's new home at Slainte, and I didn't want to miss it. They make a nice hot toddy (just the thing for the tail end of a cold), the food was delicious, the tunes (led by guest musician Tom Dunne) were good, owner Tom O'Byrne joined us for a few songs, there was some good festive garb (sample below!)and although I did head out much earlier than I usually would have, I thoroughly enjoyed myself for the time I was there. Sorry I ran out of steam, but glad I was well enough to go for at least a bit.

I'm so glad the move has worked out - it was kind of sad leaving Dempsey's when it had been such a good home for the music for so long, but I've been really enjoying Slainte's excellent beer and cocktail lists (they have something like 19 beers on tap and they rotate 'em, so you can try something new every time), and I think I'm actually going more than I used to because it's a little closer to both my office and the subway; there've definitely been nights where the weather was such that I wouldn't have gone to Dempseys, but didn't mind going to Slainte.

This really is such a local treasure - there are other sessions, but Dempsey's is the one where everybody gets to play, and it's a lovely addition to a week. Hats off to John Nevin, who keeps it all together - that's him in the 3rd picture down, far right with the big smile.

In NYC, want to check it out? We're there most Tuesday nights, 8 'til late! 


Nasreen Iqbal said...

You lead a very interesting life.

Who does stuff like this? It's great.

bonnie said...

There are pros and cons to living in NYC. Stuff like this is definitely one of the pros!