Friday, December 23, 2016

Probable Last Paddle of 2016

I'm on the tail end of a cold and it would've been tempting to take another day to be a lazy git, but I floated the idea of a paddle with TQ and he was up for it, and it was a lovely day out there. Nothing dramatic, just out around Ruffle Bar and back, but it did feel good to get out there and get moving. There's always that point in a cold where you could stay home another day, but you know it would probably be better to get off yer duff and go do something. That was today, indeed. 

I was hoping for seals; no seals, but we did get a nice set of sundogs, and a beautiful view of the Manhattan & Queens skylines on this nice clear winter day, plus got to see tiny tug Emily (home-ported in Mill Basin, visiting the Paerdegat for dock maintenance work) and a peek in the Sebago boatshed at the Carnarsienne, the club's future safety boat, looking grand!

Happy Holidays! 

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