Saturday, February 25, 2017

February 25th Urban hike, unplanned variety

Great unplanned walk today - just got it into my head to go out to Sheepshead Bay; walked past the fishing fleet, then back to the bridge, then out toward the community college, then back along the shore past Manhattan Beach and on to Brighton Beach and then Coney Island, taking the subway home from Stillwell. It was so foggy that the trees were collecting water and when the wind blew (and it was a bit breezy) it was like a mini-rainstorm underneath them. It was actually fun going out - it was actually a beautiful sunny day in Midwood when I left, but you could see a line of white off in the distance, and there were low-flying wisps of mist flying by overhead - and sure enough the train went right into the fogbank that was hanging over the water. 

The scaup and bufflehead ducks I've seen in Sheepshead Bay when I've gone at this time of year were there, and I also spotted a few mergansers plus a loon (plus of course the usual swans, Canada geese, mallard ducks and assorted gulls). Nice afternoon, just under 4.5 miles. It started to drizzle as I was on the train on the way back to Midwood, then lightning started flashing in the distance, and then the sky opened up just as I was getting to TQ's place - I sprinted for the door and got inside just in time! We'd been planning to try a new Chinese place in Windsor terrace, but instead we had the rest of the kalua pig and cabbage I'd brought over for dinner last night (had cooked that on Wednesday night, made for a late night but it's delicious). Sorry no pix, this one wasn't planned at all so I didn't have a camera along.


LauraEhlers said...

What a lovely afternoon you had. I love impromptu walks - especially when the weather is a little in flux. It just really helps clear the brain.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Love a long, urban walk. Especially when it includes boats, water and birds!

bonnie said...

I do a lot of walking in the winter - paddling's great when the weather permits but all the gear you need in the winter is a bit of a hassle, I can go for a walk on a whim. I was first thinking Prospect Park, but I've done that walk a few times recently and decided it would be a nice change to head south instead. The fog was a neat surprise!