Friday, February 10, 2017

Snowy Commute

Ti Grows in Brooklyn says, "And why is it again that we never moved back to da 'aina?" Brrrr. I went to work anyways and here are some scenes from the morning commute - Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridge, SoHo. Click for a slideshow view.


LauraEhlers said...

I just love snowy city pictures.
Especially when the temp here is 65 degrees!! lol!
Truth be told, I would love one good snow here. We had a dusting but looks like the clouds saved it all for you!
Stay warm and safe!

Bursledon Blogger said...

Eek, and we thought at 4 degrees C it was cold over here.

Alana said...

Do you know anyone who lived through "Lindsey's Snowstorm"? (Feb 9, 1969)I wish I could find my pictures of that. Some of your pictures reminded me of that storm. And they never even closed the schools!

my2fish said...

beautiful pics - I find winter kind of dreary around here when there is no snow covering the ground. we've had a pretty low amount of snow this winter, so I'm a bit jealous!

bonnie said...

"Lindsey's Snowstorm"? I bet I do, I have a number of friends who are lifelong New Yorkers who would've been around for that. I'll have to ask around, see if anyone has good stories!

My2Fish, TQ every now and then talks wistfully about moving somewhere more rural - I have so many friends & family in Michigan that that would be one place to think about if I could bring myself to think about it too, but I'm not sure how I would hold up to a Michigan winter!

We've actually had a pretty mild winter here, much nicer than the winter a couple of years ago when I changed the name of the blog to "Bonnie's Big Blog of Snow" for a time! I have to say I prefer this - when my sister and I were kids in Hawaii we used to think that snow at Christmas would be the coolest thing, and our mom would tell us that snow was pretty when it first falls but then it hangs around and turns gray and yucky. The snowy winter we had, I was thinking "Mom was right" every time I negotiated one of the giant slush puddles that form when the storm drains get blocked.

This winter's been just about right.