Friday, February 03, 2017

US Winter Swimming Championships - coming soon to a Coney Island Beach near you!

Or at least near you if you live in NYC! Such fun to see this picture pop up as my Facebook memory today, I must've taken hundreds of pictures at last year's event, but I think this one of Daina and Devon high-fiving after one of the heats in the chilly chilly Hudson was my favorite. Actually I'm not sure I ever posted it here, I think I got sidetracked after the one post that I just linked to, but I never meant for it to be a Frogma Facebook Exclusive or anything! Anyways, my goodness but I had a good time last year, and I'm hoping to get myself out to the 2017 championships, being held in Coney Island on Saturday the 18th of February. Full details here, come on out for some amazing competitions and great sportsmanship - the January 1 Polar Plunge is an awesome event (or so I hear, I'm always at Sebago for our frostbite paddle & potluck, but some year when it's too nasty to paddle I may go observe, 'cause it sounds like a blast), but these are the REAL polar bears!

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