Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Pi Day!

Celebrating at work with a nice little desk pie. Three berry from the Little Pie Company of the Big Apple. Yummy!

And I think a good reward for actually slogging in to work through some very mucky weather. The Weather Channel was getting all dramatic about it yesterday with headlines like "WINTER STORM STELLA IS THE BOMB-AGGEDON" (OK, I'm exaggerating, but not by much, they were milking that "bombagenesis" word yesterday), but I generally get my weather reports from NOAA's weather.gov and looking there I wasn't seeing anything that made me think it would actually not be safe to come to work this morning, looked like we were going to get some yuck but not really take the brunt of the storm. The subway line I usually take was closed, so I did have to get to one a little farther away; I was able to take a bus partway there, which was nice because the precipitation at that point was basically nasty little windblown wet ice pellets. As a friend said on Facebook, ski goggle weather - only I don't have any of those these days. Made it in fine, though. Not a pretty day but sure could've been worse. Hope this is winter's last fling! 


my2fish said...

Pie looks great! My office is pretty awesome, and buys a few pies for us every year for Pi Day.

bonnie said...

Dean and DeLuca (the fancy grocery across the street from my office) was selling their pies for $3.14 in honor of the day! I wish I'd remembered I had two potlucks this weekend.