Thursday, March 23, 2017

Report on CG Report on last year's ferry accident

For anyone who's saying "What accident?", last year there was a bad accident between a ferry and a kayak tour on the Hudson River. Fortunately, no lives were lost, but the guide was badly injured. I don't think I really mentioned it here because anything I would have had to say would have been pure speculation - an educated guess, since I know the area where the accident happened and I got my start kayaking at Manhattan Kayak and was even one of a number of partners for a couple of years, but still a guess.

I have been VERY interested in what the Coast Guard had to say, though, and that hit my social media today - first I got a link to an NBC local affiliate's report, then PortSide NewYork shared Maritime's version. PortSide NewYork (website here, other link was FB) is trying to get a link to the original but this looks like a good evenhanded overview from knowledgeable water people.

Watch out for spin on this - non-maritime news outlets frequently mess up reporting of maritime news because they just don't know the basics (and don't realize that they don't). This one's a good straightforward report, and the results are pretty much what I was expecting to see based on what I'd seen at the time last year. updated later with corrected link to Maritime Executive report.

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