Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Honoring International Women's Day with red from my grandmothers

Grandma J. (my maternal grandmother) and Mrs. Ernst (my Uncle Bob's mother) in Egypt

So March is not a month in which I can really take a day off from work, too many deadlines, but I packed breakfast, lunch, and snacks so I won't need to spend any money during the work day. I am having dinner out with friends tonight but I found a place that's owned by a woman for us to dine at (looks like a good place, too!) - and I'm wearing a little red in honor of International Women's Day. 

There's a nice extra thing about my red today - it's from both of my grandmothers, and I like that. Red is not my color, I prefer the cooler end of the spectrum, so I really don't have any red business attire, but I have a scarf from my Grandma J. (white with a bright red border and a drawing of Giussepe Garibaldi in the middle, she must have picked it up in her travels - that's her on the camel next to the horse, she was traveling with my Uncle Bob's mom so my Ernst relations should especially enjoy this!), and then my "granddaughter necklace" with the rubies from my Grandma A's chandelier of a cocktail ring. So it's a tribute not just to women in general, but to my two Grandmas, wonderful women who I love and miss very much.

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