Sunday, July 30, 2017

7/16/2017 July Sailing Committee Cruise

I loved this shot! It was taken by Jim L., sailing committee co-chair, from the new club chase boat Canarsian, during the July 16th sailing cruise. I came THAT close to not going, I'd worked pretty hard during City of Water Day on the 15th, and the forecasts I'd seen for Sunday didn't feature much wind, but sailing co-chair Holly did a little arm-twisting on me (and she and Jim were able to pick me up, having a ride makes a difference) and I'm so glad she did - it ended up being perfect conditions for the first sail of the season, nice light winds early on during the re-combobulation period, picking up to just enough more for a great run home after our lunch break on Ruffle Bar. More pix on Flickr, click here to view. 


Haralee Sleepwear said...

That is a great picture. I can just feel the fun the sun the water! Isn't it funny how some times the almost didn't happen turn out to be the most fun!

bonnie said...

I was SO glad I went, it was a wonderful day.

Learning to sail these little boats was such a bonus from joining Sebago!

my2fish said...

great photo! you look like you're having a grand time!