Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Community Board 4 Meeting About Pier 63

This was posted on the NYCKayaker list today by the metropolitan chair of the Hudson River Watertrail Association, who's on the board of the Advisory Council to the Hudson River Park Trust & has been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes liaison work between the various paddling groups on the barge. Sorry, not of great interest to non-Tri-State area folks, go out, look at your kayaks sitting in their racks in your garages, or your basements, or wherever they are. Gaze upon them, and savor what you have. Now put 'em on your car & go for a paddle for me, OK?

Without further ado, heeeeere's Nancy!:

Important Community Board 4 Waterfront and Parks Committee meeting 9/27, 6pm

As many of you know, Pier 63 Maritime (aka pier 63, the barge, or the Frying Pan)has been closed in anticipation of construction of the Chelsea segment of Hudson River Park. The current plan is for the barge to relocate to the float bridge at pier 66a by the start next year's boating season. Unfortunately the future of human-powered boating at the new location is uncertain.

Pier 63 and Pier 40 were the only two year-round accessible commercial kayak storage locations on the West Side. The future of Pier 63 Maritime as a human-powered boating facility is unclear, and the future of Pier 40 is subject to decisions to be made by the developers of Pier 40 who will be selected through an RFP issued by the Park Trust last week. An RFP for an operator for the newly constructed boathouse at pier 66 will be issued soon, so that location's particulars are up in the air as well.

Kayaking is growing in popularity and it is likely that the number of independent kayakers on the Hudson will continue to increase. We need to show that NYC-based kayakers are an important part of the waterfront community and make sure that there is provision for both not-for-profit and commercial storage well into the future.

If you paddle the Hudson River or plan to in the future, THIS CONCERNS YOU and we need all the support we can get!

Please mark your calendars and come to the:

Community Board 4 Waterfront and Parks Committee Meeting
Wednesday, September 27, 2006 @ 6:00 p.m.
Holland House, 351 W. 42nd St. (b. 8th / 9th), Basement

Human-powered boating and water access in Hudson River Park will be discussed, particularly as they relate to the closure, relocating, and reopening of Pier 63 Maritime. Other related issues that may be raised include specifics of the barge structure itself and the amount of insurance required from its tenants and sub-tenants which would include anyone storing a kayak at, or launching/landing from the barge.

From the CB4 website: "The Waterfront & Parks Committee is actively involved in the planning and operation of the Hudson River Park and other developments along the waterfront. It works with environmental groups and government agencies on various matters involving the waterfront and inland open space. The Committee advocates for the creation of new parkland and increased funding for recreation centers and parks."

If you know anyone on the Waterfront and Parks Committee at CB4 please contact them priot to the meeting and express your support for continued public access for human-powered boating at the barge's new location.

That committee is:
Kristin Dionne, Co-Chair
John Doswell, Co- Chair

Chris Allieri
Gwen Billig, public member
Margo Cates
Doris Corrigan, public member
Frank Eadie
Adam Honigman
Kevin Kossi
Edward Kirkland
Anna Hayes Levin
Velma Murphy-Hill
Jean Preece, public member
Ann Sewell
David Tillyer, public member
Robert Trentlyon

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