Sunday, September 24, 2006

New York Botanical Garden - Chihuly (and a bee!)

The bee on an aster is for Claire!

The strange glass art is by Dale Chihuly -

Both photographed on Saturday at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.

My folks are visiting, so not much blogging time. Barge stuff grinds on apace - meeting on Wednesday will be interesting. Work stuff grinds on apace - most insane aspect of job I am inheriting for the indefinite future has at least turned out to be something my superiors agree is sort of insane and they are looking into ways that that can be improved. Phew.

This weekend, though, was pretty good - my dad went up to a tower-bell ringing thing a ways out of NYC yesterday, leaving me & my mom to have a girl's day out. Well, despite the fact that I live in such a darned exciting place to visit, I was absolutely drawing a blank on what the girls should do with ourselves - seeing as neither my mom nor I are big oooh-let's-go-get-manicures types or anything. I think I was surfing the net around 1:15 looking for interesting exhibits - then I suddenly got a great idea - "Hey, there's this Chihuly thingy at the New York Botanical Garden. She'd probably like that...hmmm...train schedules...oooh, there a 2:23, if we left RIGHT NOW and everything went PERFECTLY that would work".

Well, we made it & it was pretty cool. That's good 'cause we really had to scramble to make it & my poor mom lives in Hawaii (all together now - "awww, poor Bonnie's Mom!"), so to keep up with her NYC-based daughter travelling at top NYC-resident-tries-to-catch-train mode was a bit of a challenge to one who's accustomed to a laid-back Island lifestyle. She was a good sport, though, kept up with me fine as I flew to the departures board, the ticket machine and then the track, & we did pull it off - but I would've been very bummed out if I'd put her through that for something sort of so-so after putting her through all that!

The exhibit had gotten a sort of lukewarm review from the Times, as I recall - but I think they went earlier in the summer, when the garden was much more effusively floral than it is here at summer's end, and it wasn't so much that they didn't like the glass, as they felt like Ma Nature (and the botanists of the NY Botanical Gardens) was just providing a more interesting show.

With that in mind, I think fall may be the perfect time to go see this. My mom and I enjoyed it, and I took plenty of pictures - I have a pretty good selection of the various glass art thingummys posted over in a Buzznet gallery. March 2016 update, returning to this post after finding out that Chihuly's coming back next year - Buzznet stopped hosting photos, Flickr album here!

Worked on the schooner today. May've looked sort of gray & gloomy but I tell you it was perfect. Harber full of speeding wind riffles & frolicking whitecaps, dramatic skies, great passengers (honestly that's generally the thing that tips a day from "pretty darned good" to "perfect") Got to talking to one passenger about children's publishing & quickly found out out that her mom wrote one of my favorite children's picturebooks, The Mud Pony - that was fun. Oh, yes, and we did some really good sailing. Nope, no complaints about this one, kayak-lesss though it was. Least I got out there on the Hudson - and it was lovely.

Hope to post a couple more photos before too long, but the captain & the other crew member have to remember to send 'em first - just a couple quirky-but-fun things they caught on camera, which sort of fit well into the good tone the day had.

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