Thursday, July 23, 2009

City of Boats Boats and More Boats!

Yes, the City of Water festivities drew an amazing array of boats. Here are a few!

(btw, if you'd rather look at larger pictures, I've also posted it as a gallery on Picasa Google Photos - stupid google wrecked all the old Picasa gallery links when they canned Picasa, so I'm gradually updating - >:( ).

Promising way to start the day, with a schooner sailing by! That's the Pioneer, ordinarily out of the South Street Seaport, and one of 2 schooners that was offering free rides all day.

Red Hook Boaters boats at Valentino Pier ("home port" for them), on their way and headed for Governor's Island.

Hipster eco-art boat. I was told that the story with these boats was that they were made entirely out of found materials and cost almost nothing to build. Looks it too, doesn't it? Think I'll stick with my "boughten" boat.

US Army Corps of Engineers Drift Collection Vessel, the Hayward (thank you Tugster Will for the ID!) at Yankee Pier.

Kayaks on the grass (alas, alas) plus a nice red canoe (woohoo, woohoo) and out on the water, retired fireboat John J. Harvey adn one of the New York Waterways ferries that were bringing people to and from the island all day.

OK, so the art boat didn't sink. And the police barricade oars are a cute touch. I guess. Still, just looks so slapped-together.

Whitehall gig

Notorious G.I.G. (hee hee!)


6-man (or woman) outrigger canoe from New York Outrigger

Continuing with the tropical theme, here's a guy who actually paddled his stand-up paddleboard down with the gang from Manhattan Kayak Company. I'm impressed!

The Water Pod. More floating eco-artistic-ness, but very thought out and looked like it was put together with a lot of care. Actually made me think "Hm, must be kind of cool to be one of the group on this" (I'd be infinitely too square, I just know it)(next-day note - proof positive that I am too square for the Pod was in the very first comment on this post! :D) . More pictures to come!

My old schooner, the Adirondack. I was so tempted to try to go for a ride, but I know where they dock, I can go buy a ticket any time (or maybe get to tag along for free if they aren't filling up and I know the people who are working that day), and it was my first time ever on Governors Island, and I decided to keep checking out the island intead.

Last shot for tonight - In the foreground, the Swivel, a 40-something tugboat used by GIPEC (the group that runs Governors Island) as a ferry for personnel & the like. Way off in the distance, one of the escort boats sees the Long Island City Boathouse gang safely to the Brooklyn shore. They did a nice job, those escorts!

Links for as many of the operating organizations as I know:
Schooner Pioneer
Red Hook Boaters
Don't know where the art boats are from
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Hayward hasn't got her own site)
John J. Harvey
Governor's Island ferries (nice to see they run to Brooklyn now!)
Gigs (Whitehall, "Notorious", and the others) were from Village Community Boathouse and East River C.R.E.W.
The Puffin belongs to my friendsBrian and Karen
New York Outrigger
The group with the stand-up guy was fromManhattan Kayak; if you're curious about those things (they're fun!) Randy at
New York Kayak has occasional tryouts at his shop at Pier 40 over the summer.
Schooner Adirondack!
Swivel doesn't really have a website (I found her description in a PDF document dated 2006, outlining GIPEC's plans for transportation to & from the island), nor do those very helpful escort boats, so I will close with the group of kayaks you may barely be able to make out in the last picture - they were from the Long Island City Community Boathouse - plus one last link to the day's hosts', the Metropolitan Waterfront Association.

And that's it for the City of Boats Boats Boats!

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