Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sebago Canoe Club, City of Water Day

Work still being crazy, rather than upload all my City of Water pictures into a gallery that I'll never finish captioning, I'm taking a leaf out of Tugster's book & doing a series of posts on the topic. Today - the clubmates with whom I went, lifted straight from my post yesterday at the Sebago Canoe Club blog.

Preparing to launch at Valentino Pier

Sebago Canoe Club City of Water Day participants, obligatory group shot with Statue of Liberty (sorry we didn't make it there, John, we should do that as a club trip sometime)
In the Buttermilk Channel
At Yankee Pier (where the free boat rides were going on all day)

Sebago Canoe Club participants on Governor's Island
The Saturday-only group leaves around 5:30

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