Friday, July 31, 2009

A Curse For Rosie

No, not directed at her. Except insofar as she asked for it. Today, over there on Smokey Mountain Breakdown, she said:

It now occurs to me we need a wider range of curses. Something to use when the Old Testament is just overkill.

She came up with some good ones, and asked readers for more, and although I'm not personally a very original curser, well, I knew I had an excellent Irish curse for her here at home, hand-lettered by my old friend Am (one of the first friends I ever made in NYC & the one who got me into Irish music) in her beautiful Gaelic-style calligraphy. I keep it on the refrigerator door, where I'm sure everyone who sees it thinks sure, 'tis some charmin' Irish blessing I'm wishin' on all those who visit my abode.

Heh. Not quite. Translated from the Gaelic, it actually says, "May an escaped elephant jump on your car".

Think that's just the sort of curse Rosie's looking for. Far short of anything involving eternal torment, demons, pitchforks, or anything too over-the-top, yet still quite solidly satisfying.

As to the reason she was looking for a milder shade of curse - well, I'm not telling that story, 'cause she already told it better. And if you have any good ones yourself, well, she'd probably love to hear 'em!

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