Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frogma Thought for the Day.

The problem with organized kayaking boating* is that it takes so much frickin' organizing. Grmf.

That being said, I expect that Saturday's fun is going to be, oh how shall we put it...well, fun!

Oh, and I should note - you don't need to be a boater at all to participate in said fun, there are ferries from Brooklyn & Manhattan all day. Those of us who are in the organized-boating part of it just get extra fun. Hit that "Saturday's fun" link for all the details!

*I just changed the phrase "organized kayaking" to "organized boating" 'cause there will be rowing gigs, and canoes, and we're even being joined by a motor vessel this year - in fact, the motor vessel is the very one featured in the very last post, the Puffin! Hey, maybe I have a chance to redeem myself as a Puffin photographer!

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