Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Found Nemo!

Or would you call this a carp-rese salad?

Either way, he was delicious. Garden tomatoes (best summer for those since I started gardening) and basil, with fresh mozzarella from my best find of the summer, Joe's Dairy. Not much longer 'til I'll be putting the bed to bed - couldn't resist having a little extra fun with tonight's dinner.


Baydog said...

And creamy smoked mozzarella to boot!
Holy carp. What was the eye of the fish, sun-dried possibly?

bonnie said...

Oh, it was gooood.

The eye was a tiny dried hot pepper (also from the garden) - I'd started with a little end slice from one of the plum tomatoes but then I looked around and saw the peppers sitting on top of the 'fridge.

Didn't eat that, I'm not sure what kind they are except "little red ones that dried nicely" - but they pack a bit more of a wallop than I can take solo, that went back with the others after the picturetaking. It'll end up in a soup or something. I did have sun-dried tomatoes, that would've worked too!

O Docker said...

Yes, but is it scalable?

bonnie said...

Maybe a step or 2 above jalapenos on the Scoville scale?