Thursday, September 13, 2012


Click on any picture to see these faces properly.
Popeye Spinach-Eating Contest at the Labor Day weekend Tugboat Race & Contest. Yep, back to that now! This was the childrens' division. Then things got UGLY.


O Docker said...

I wonder which is worse for you - eating a bowl of spinach in 30 seconds or 68 hot dogs in ten minutes?

bonnie said...

Blech! No contest! The spinach may be cold (yuck), and canned (double yuck), but 68 hot dogs?

I suspect that if I ever entered the spinach-eating contest, I'd come down in the same corner as the cute little girl in the 2nd and 4th pictures - I LOVED the face she made at the winner (seated beside her) donned his bowl. I seriously think she took one bite and decided this was all just too yucky for her. But I can sort of imagine entering it on a dare or something (sort of like I entered a regional version of the Miss Italia contest several eons ago). You couldn't pay me enough to go in a hot-dog eating contest!