Friday, September 21, 2012

YIPPEE! (oops. or maybe not.)

PHEW. September crunch time is wrapping up, almost everything I needed to get done is done, and tomorrow I'm FINALLY going to get to sail in the Sebago Cup -- yes, the world-famous Sebago Cup, as featured in Sailing World (woohoo!) The only spot I expect to be in contention for is DFL. That's gonna be a contest to watch, challenges have been issued, gauntlets thrown, etc.     But still, I'm so psyched, I almost feel like --

oh, I don't know --

like doing a little dance where I pretend to ride an invisible horse?

OK. No. Almost. But not quite.

note slightly later: Oh, shoots.
JFK forecast says gusts to whaaaaaa? :(


my2fish said...

awesome! I hope you have a great time (and don't finish DFL!).

bonnie said...

Thanks! I actually don't have any idea how I'll do but I just haven't gotten in much dinghy sailing this year, so I'm not expecting too much of myself. This is a fun one though, I expect to have a good time no matter where I place.

bonnie said...

Oh, rats. Just looked at the JFK forecast on iwindsurf (considered pretty good for Jamaica Bay) and it's got winds gusting 30+. That is not sailing weather for me. Bummer bummer bummer!