Thursday, September 06, 2012

Quick Lunchtime Post - A Bit About The Boat Named The Bronx, and my what a racy September I'm having!

Wow...amazing how short a week gets when you take a sick day during a week that was only 4 days long to begin with. I'm glad I did, I never give myself the 2nd day of a cold to recover (this one started on Sunday night, I thought it was just bad allergies until I woke up Monday morning to find that the sniffles had bloomed into a classic head cold) and I'm almost over it today - but man, have I got a lot of work to do. Still hope to get those links to the tugboat info sign in tonight but don't know if I'll get another post up. In the meantime, though, it turns out that the Working Harbor has had a good article up on their blog about the most charmingest tug in the race, The Bronx - I've been so curious about this sturdy little mini-tug, fun to finally find out a little more about her story and I just had to take a bit of my lunch hour to share. Click here to read.

And as long as I'm posting -- it just hit me that I'm having an awfully racy September! shhh don't tell TQ! ;D
Seriously, though - there was the tugboat race on Sunday; Saturday is Sebago's annual Laser Division 8 Regatta (looks like it's gonna be good racing, the Saturday forecast is for: S wind 15 to 18 kt. A chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 11am. Seas around 1 ft), for which I'll be serving on the race committee, as I have every year since we started running them; the weekend of the 22nd is the Sebago Cup (as featured in Sailing World, woohoo!) and I finally get to be in it (fingers crossed for weather I can manage...much over 15 kts and I'll be taking pictures from my kayak!)...and then for something completely different, I'm looking forward to seeing some lovely racehorses when my family gets together in Kentucky later in the month to celebrate my mom and dad's 50th anniversary (another woohoo!). Boy, and I thought August was a fast month - September's gonna be one big "Whooooosh".

Oh, hey, and if any tri-state-area Laser sailors happen to have stumbled across this and are interested in our regatta on Saturday, visit - scroll down to "Racing" for links to the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. Love to see you on the bay!

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