Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another something nice to look at, even if the drear has cleared!

Because who am I to fight a good trend?
I have got a bunch of various pictures on my work computer. This is one that I took during an incredible sailing vacation in the BVI's a few years back. It's actually a pretty nice day out today (although it was so windy last night that I had a nightmare that my solidly-built circa-1940's brick apartment building was somehow starting to sway and I was sure it was about to collapse - boy, was I glad to wake up from that one), but it is a pretty busy week at work and gee, for some reason this just caught my eye when I went to save a sales report and accidentally opened the "my pictures" folder.

I think this was in the anchorage off of the Anegada Reef Hotel, and a little bit later we called the hotel on the radio to tell them how many lobsters we would want grilled for dinner. What a trip that was.


Keep Reaching said...

Excellent picture - sure beats a sales report. My immediate reaction to the photo after admiring it and wishing I were there was to say, Hey, that lovely brew is on the rail and there is a chop out there - better grab it before it falls over.

bonnie said...

It was actually on the edge of the swim platform and don't worry, I had only put it there for a moment, just because I wanted to shoot the perfect beer commercial.

And definitely nicer to look at than a sales report. Although this one was actually somewhat eyecatching because I had quite unintentionally laid it out in neither letter nor portrait aspect, but in a perfect square.

Now you can tell how exciting my job is.

Actually sometimes it does get interesting, but the thing about finance is that generally the point at which things become interesting is also right when they became highly confidential.

JP said...

Very tempting (as I drink coffee in rainy London in the office doing emails)

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

It just makes me sigh longingly and reminds me of The Grommet's "perfect beer commercial" shot in La Paz, Mexico.

You guys know how to live!