Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Welcoming the New Year, Sebago style!

From Sebago Canoe Club Annual Frostbite Regatta (plus New Year's annual meeting)
Happy New Year! Here's a link to a few (by my standards anyways) photos from this morning's annual New Year's Day paddle at the Sebago Canoe Club. Always a nice way to start off a year. Welcome 2013!


Baydog said...

Love the Melonseed. Hard as I try, I still can't imagine having to wrangle myself upright after being upside-down, all tucked in to a kayak, in freezing cold water, with my double-ended paddle. I say it would probably be game over.

bonnie said...

Chris's Melonseed is a sweet little boat. TQ and I would actually really like to get something like that that we could sail together a little more comfortably than a Sunfish. I spent all my money flying around in 2012, though, so that's unlikely to happen this year.

I was rather wimpy this year, I only rolled 5 times!

bowsprite said...

I am even wimpier, and stayed INdoors!
No polar bear dip, nopenope! But i would SO love to see where you paddle soon! I love Jamaica Bay. xoxo c!

doryman said...

No sliding over the ice this year?

BTW, the Doryman melonseed will be finished this year and will be looking for a new home, in case you're interested.