Sunday, January 13, 2013

fog paddle

1/12/2013: Yonkers - Piermont, a nice change of scenery. The fog was supposed to be patchy in the morning, clearing to a partly sunny afternoon, but that wasn't quite what happened! Here are a few of my favorite shots:
I'll have more during the week, it was a really nice group to paddle with and it was just SO nice getting a chance to paddle the Palisades again. Coming up here used to be one of my favorite things to do back when I was paddling out of 23rd street - it was always a little magical, leaving such a deeply urban launch site and paddling up to the cliffs.


Keep Reaching said...

I love the first shot - like in a fantasy film where the intrepid adventurers boldly head off into the unknown to meet their fate and encounter wondrous things. Did that happen?

O Docker said...


Fog might be a nighmare for navigators, but it's a photographer's best friend.

Be careful out there and leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

bonnie said...

Keep Reaching - we found Yonkers...

As far as O-Dockers breadcrumbs - we were thinking that we might actually need to use a compass bearing to cross, but just at the rockslide that we'd picked, the fog...well, it didn't clear but it sort of flattened down so that the hills on the far side of the river came into view. It was still very strange, though, because the low-lying fog was so thick that we couldn't see the shore at all until we were pretty much there, so it was hard to tell where we were in relation to the shipping channel.

Nice thing was that there weren't any tugs and barges out there in the fog. I don't know how it happened that the Hudson was so completely deserted but we didn't see (or hear) one single other boat travelling the river. Before we crossed, we rafted up and actually just drifted along the shore with the current for a bit - I don't think I remember ever hearing it as quiet as it was on the Hudson yesterday.