Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Archery Break 3: Mockingjay Day at Gotham Archery

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Third visit to Gotham Archery, this time for the Mockingjay promo day, which was of interest to me since I work for the publisher of the Hunger Games trilogy and we all get pretty excited when the movies come out.

Gotham Archery has been getting fantastic Yelp reviews, and when Lionsgate, the movie company, went looking for an NYC archery range to host a Mockingjay promotional event, they picked the guys at Gotham. Ken, one of the owners and the instructor of my intro class, had mentioned this when he was talking to Iris (Sebago clubmate who got me started into this with her Facebook posts about taking up archery) and me after my class a couple of weeks ago - I'd been toying with the idea of going but was still a little up in the air, but when Iris  said, "Anybody want to go?", I said "Me me me". This time I couldn't resist taking a camera!

TQ, Iris, another paddling friend and I all went and had a very good time. I was a little disappointed nobody dressed up (pictures of people in costumes would've been fun) but everybody was having a good time, there were prizes for everyone (a pin or a poster plus a shot at a gift bag) - and at the end, the guy from Lionsgate fell in love with Iris and set up a whole photoshoot with her!

I think I'll stick with the quieter weeknights for my practice sessions now, but this was a lot of fun.

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