Sunday, November 16, 2014

End of gardening 2014

Last week. Thought about shutting it down on Sunday but TQ's finally got weekends free and he'd proposed a walk at Fort Tilden on the Rockaway Peninsula. I checked the forecast - no hard freezes so decided on the Fort Tilden trip instead (unfortunately no camera but it was a lovely day out there).

Scotch bonnet peppers went totally crazy here at the end of the season, and they were nice and spicy too! 

This week, we've got a hard freeze forecasted for Tuesday night, supposed to get down in the 20's, so it was time to shut it down. TQ came to help and we finished it quickly. I brought home chard, beets, peppers, green tomatoes and some herbs, 3 bags full. TQ and I will have some of those for dinner tonight & hopefully this week is quiet enough at work that I can come home and do some freezing. Nice to have a few home-grown veggies for the winter. Might have to try pickling some beets, too, there were a lot of those!

Wasn't my best garden year ever but still not too bad. 


Baydog said...

Scotch Bonnets can be known to be a bit hot.

bonnie said...

These were mild as Scotch Bonnets go - so much depends on the growing season! One of the gardeners grows a couple of kinds of hot peppers every year and he says some years they're incendiary devices and some years you can eat 'em like bell peppers.

I was happy with the heat level on these, and they have a very nice flavor.

bonnie said...

Maybe if I post a link on Facebook Carol Anne will talk about chiles!