Saturday, November 22, 2014


Told you so! Beets and herbs are from the garden, the rest purchased for my Big Vacation Cooking Project - Pig Head Pozole. This is actually a 2-day process, I'm on Phase 1 today - dutch oven's been put through its paces, started with veggie roasting (the beets aren't going in the pozole but everything else will) and then moved on to a long slow simmer of the pig head (from the Sebago pig roast earlier in the year, didn't want the head to go to waste so I brought it home, wrapped it well and put it in the freezer) and a couple of pernil bones. 

Blow by blow account over on Facebook, but I'll collect and repost over here when it's done. Today is simmering. Monday's supposed to be rainy. I won't mind if it is, that would be perfect weather for messing around with chile-roasting and the other finishing touches.

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