Saturday, November 01, 2014

Just A Paddle

I'm happy to report that TQ and I were paddlers for Halloween. Really. No tricks, and what a treat. I took the day off, Thursdays and Fridays are TQ's days off. 

My last few outings have all been a lot of fun, and all in the interesting-adventure category -- taking swimmers across the lower harbor, surfing off of the Rockaway Peninsula, and running that workshop out at Democrat Point -- but yesterday we just plain went to the club and went paddling. No lunch break, no special events, no picturetaking even, we just launched from the Sebago dock, paddled out into the bay, went around Ruffle Bar and then came back. The sky was gray, the wind was moderate, the water slightly choppy, boat traffic minimal - nothing particularly special. The brants are back but oddly quiet - TQ theorized that they were too tired for their usual hrrrnk-hrrnk chatter after their long flight down from Alaska. The oystercatchers were wheeling about in large wheet-wheeting flocks, they'll be off on their way south soon.

Lovely to just get out there and just be on my home water for a couple of hours.

Simple can be so sweet. 


Tillerman said...

Those kind of days are often the best.


bonnie said...

Especially when you haven't had one for a while! Hrrrrrnk!

Pandabonium said...

One paddle, two paddle, three paddle. Four to take me home....

no ka bes