Thursday, February 24, 2005

And the Best Boy Toy of 2005 was...

So I got quite a number of readers the other day when I did that quick post about the Best Boy Toy of 2005. Hm, go figure. Kayaking kayaking kayaking best boy toy of 2005 kayaking...which one makes you go "wha?"

But I realize I left everyone hanging...ok, enough suspense, the Best Boy Toy of 2005 was...the envelope please...

Lego Knight's Kingdom!

ta tata ta-ta-ta TAAAA!

why, what were you thinking?

or, uh, who?

By the way, did I ever mention that my on-land job is in children's publishing? Or that Toy Fair is going on in Manhattan this week?

And just for the record, the Best Girl Toy of 2005 was Bella Dancerella Home Dance Studio. Molto girly, eh? My inner 6-year old would much rather play with the Lego Knight's Kingdom playset. Legos are cool. What I don't get is why Legos have to be boy or girl - didn't they just used to be little bricks that you'd snap together and make things?

Oh my...was that a nice curmudgeonly "Why, when I was your age..." I almost slipped into there?

At least the Best Girl Toy wasn't Bratz-esque. Now THAT'S a scary toy line.

Bedtime for bk now.

Tomorrow's topic: a quick exploration of the question "Am I the most oblivious person on the planet?"

Answer: quite possibly. Details "TK".

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