Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard in Brooklyn

Here's the view out my living room window today.

I've been happy with our nice warm winter but I was secretly (well, not really secretly) hoping for maybe one good snowstorm, preferably over a weekend. My sister & I, as kids growing up in Hawaii, used to think that snow must be the most wonderful thing, and I think we were particularly vocal about that around Christmastime when we'd be stringing up plastic icicles & snowflakes as outside the sun was shining & the bougainvillea, plumeria, hibiscus & bird-of-paradise plants bloomed away in the backyard. My mom, who grew up in New Jersey, would always tell us that snow WAS really neat when it first fell, and was pretty, but then after a while it would get walked on, and snowplowed, and generally turn to a not-so-pretty mushy gray.

Having seen a little more snow in both of those stages, I do have to admit that my mom knew what she was talking about - but boy, I still get a little-kid thrill when I wake up in the morning to see that everything's all white and fluffy outside. As I was watching this storm shape up over the week, I'd had pleasant visions of going for a good long walk in the snow, doing some grocery shopping on the way home & then cooking something in the comfort-food variety in the evening.

I wasn't supposed to have a cold on the same weekend we had the perfectly-timed blizzard I'd hoped for! My plans required at least a little energy, and I don't have any of that. What a total waste of a good snowstorm. Bah.

Fortunately I still had some good soup in the freezer - and plenty of low-key stuff to do here at home. Just not what I'd hoped for. Whine whine, huh?

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