Thursday, February 09, 2006

Semi rant...

Haven't indulged in any good NYC-dweller liberal rants lately...well, this isn't so much a rant as a comment. I'm taking a quick lunch break & decided to head over to Polling Report, check out some raw national statistics. And wow. Look at all the red over in the last column. Sure I've been hearing & reading about that but somehow I just find it more impressive when it's just a long list of different polling agencies all telling about the same story.

ok...maybe just a mini rant.

I'm on the MoveOn mailing list & I do actually scan most of the emails they send me. They seem to have a boilerplate email:

Subject:(Insert clarion call to action here)!

Dear MoveOn member:

Please help us protest (insert well-known conservative person or group's name here)(insert questionable activity or opinion linked to said person or group here) by (choose one or more of the following: writing your hometown paper editor; writing your representatives; signing this petition; forwarding this email; donating money to [insert suggested recipient]). And thanks, as always, for your work making sure that America's priorities are in the right place.


–Eli, Ben, Marika, Carrie, and the whole Political Action Team

It would be really nice, right about now (since sooner isn't possible), if organizations like MoveOn would get the message that people have gotten the message that maybe Bush is NOT the best thing that ever happened to this country and change their focus from "send us money so we can tell everybody how awful the Bush administration is" to "send us money so we can tell Democratic leaders that it's time that they get their sh** together and come up with some constructive alternatives to the status quo". I mean, political campaigns, sadly, are just marketing, and marketing is a two-step procedure, right? 1. You convince someone they have a problem; 2. You convince them that you are the one who can solve that problem. If you forget about the second half, you've missed the whole darned point.

OK, lunch break's over.

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