Tuesday, May 30, 2006

39 ain't so bad so far...

I do not really have time to write right now but since I haven't posted for a few days I thought I would just say something quickly...and that something is, DANG, I have only been 39 for 6 days but it's been a rather great 6 days (aside from the persistent too-much-work-at-the-day-job that was going on all last week & is likely to continue for the next week or two). Maybe those birthday fireworks were telling me to get ready for a really good year (please knock wood for me right now, OK?).

One of the really good things that happened that I will absolutely, positively be trying to post about, assuming I can squeeze in even one evening to do a little writing, was that I kind of got promoted...I had my first real first mate duty on the schooner Adirondack. I've been considered capable of serving as first mate in a pinch for quite some time, but this weekend there was a little scheduling glitch that put one of our usual incredibly capable first mates both working on the Adirondack & training crew the Adirondack II (now sailing in Newport) simultaneously. Now Michael is a seriously talented young man (great sailor plus a bona fide musician, classical guitarist) but he hasn't quite figured out how to be in 2 places at once, so there we were, in an actual pinch.

It was kind of scary, also kind of exciting - in the end, I think I did OK. Certainly plenty to improve on - think I'd give myself a C+ - but that's at least a passing grade.

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