Monday, May 01, 2006

Hidden Harbor Tours on May 20th. Plus - WTF?

1) Of possible actual interest - here's a chance for folks to get out & see some corners of the harbor that you won't see on the usual harbor tours without having to paddle there themselves!

Explore New York Harbor by Boat!

Fifth Annual Working Harbor Day
Saturday - 20 May 2006
Sponsored by the Working Harbor Committee

For online reservations and other info: www.WorkingHarbor.Org

(or call 212 757 1600)

All trips are 90 minutes
All trips are $10 adults, $6 kids (12 and under)

All trips leave from Pier 63 Maritime, End of West 23rd Street, behind Basketball City, north of Chelsea Piers

For directions

All Day
Hidden Harbor Tours®

Free entertainment
Free exhibits & open house on historic vessels

Food & Beverages available

Departure Tour

10:30 AM Brooklyn Waterfront
11:00 AM Staten Island / New Jersey
11:30 AM North River & New Jersey
12:30 PM North River & New Jersey
1:00 PM Staten Island / New Jersey
1:30 PM Brooklyn Waterfront
2:30 PM Brooklyn Waterfront
3:00 PM Staten Island / New Jersey
3:30 PM North River & New Jersey

Tour Descriptions

Tour 1 - Staten Island / New Jersey South fast to the Kill Van Kull, (passing Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty), tugboat yards and oil docks, on past Howland Hook to Port Elizabeth & Port Newark, then back to Pier 63 Maritime.

Tour 2 – Brooklyn Waterfront South, around the tip of Manhattan, by the South Street Seaport, up to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, then south to Atlantic Basin, then further south to Erie Basin, then around Governors Island and back to Pier 63 Maritime

Tour 3 - North River & New Jersey South along Hudson River Park to Battery Park City, by Caven Point (& the rail yards), by Global Marine Terminal and Military Ocean Terminal, up the New Jersey side as far as the NY Waterway yard, then cross over to the Passenger Ship Terminals, and back to Pier 63 Maritime.

Please pass this on to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives and anyone else you can think of.

It’s a great bargain for an enjoyable day on the water, visiting places that the normal sightseeing boats don’t see – the “hidden harbor” of NY/NJ.


Capt. John Doswell
Executive Director
Working Harbor Committee
455 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

212 757 1600
fax 212 265 4833
cell 917 578 4292
email John@HiddenHarborTours.Com

Mr. SeaLevel got the same notice & HIS post on it has the additional bonus of featuring a link to his very enjoyable experience last year - with pictures!

Me...well, y'know how I said my internal debate about working on the schooner was likely to last until precisely the moment I saw the masts? Well, the sound of the Adirondack's horn was actually the first clue I had that the boat was here on Saturday, but I took Richard from the Rosemary Ruth out for a great sunset sail yesterday (he was feeling a little at loose ends with the RR in Tottenville and at a stage of sandblasting where his tools are all sealed up behind plastic - I'd originally planned to avoid the shuttle bus misery but it was so pretty out, and I was psyched to have a chance to get him out on my boat when he's been the one who kept me sailing over the winter), and it was so nice to see everybody, I mentioned yesterday, I'll be working next week & it'll probably be all downhill (if not all downwind) from there...btw let me reiterate - the schooner does reasonably priced 2-hour sails that are open to the public, if you'd like to come out, check out!

2) I've been seeing some stuff in my sitemeter that has me absolutely baffled. If any of my more technologically savvy friends can tell me why I should give a flying f*** about this, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime - sorry, but does this blog LOOK like the HaloScan help desk?

The really funny thing - and also the thing that's making me a trifle cranky about the whole thing - is that this being the second time this Styrheim blogger has been complaining about something over which I have absolutely NO control, I attempted to be polite & leave the following comment indicating that yes, I have seen this but am not really interested in trying to tell HaloScan how to do their coding:

"I saw that trackback - I was apparently supposed to go complain about it to somebody or something. Thing is - it's free and it's easy to use, no particular coding knowledge required, and that's plenty good enough for me. If this is a big problem, there are enough bloggers out there that actually DO know coding that I'm sure that HaloScan has probably heard about it, OK?"

I typed that up, and hit "Post Kommentar", only to get the following message:

System Downtime
The system are down for maintenance work. We're sorry for the downtime, but will be back up as soon as possible

This is sort of like this automated message I keep getting on my voicemail at home: "Hello. This is an important message for Gloria De Somebody or other. Please call us back at such-and-such". Now I have tried calling them back more than once to tell them that this person is not at the number at which they have been trying to reach her for months, nor has she been since at least late 2004 - but I get directed to a queue, then after a couple of minutes on hold I get the automated voice saying that the office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and that I should call them back during those hours. Well, folks, if it was that important you'd have somebody there to take the call when I think of it, which is generally going to be when I check my messages, which is generally after work or in the evening.

Seriously, though, I can geek out entirely as well as the next person about boat things. Physics of sails? Yeah! The relationship of laminar flow & turbulence to weathercocking? Nigel Foster explaining that was just one of the cool things in the Fun with Foster session I took at the Sweetwater BCU/Greenland week.

Geeking out over html kinda leaves me code!

(get it? code? it's a pun?...oh, gee, look at the time...gotta run...)

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