Monday, May 15, 2006

More of Captain Peter's Volvo Ocean Race start photos!

Limited time today, I thought I'd put up more of Captain Peter's photos from the start of the Volvo Ocean Race. I got one small detail wrong about that phone call - I think he was calling from the Manhattan, the Scarano's new motor yacht. Rick put some serious engines in that boat, it can do 20 knots. For all that the Adirondack is the fastest sailboat in New York Harbor, she wouldn't be able to keep pace with these guys for near as long as the Manhattan did...

Fireboat display near North Cove - this is one of the active-duty fireboats, they are the ones who can do the colored water displays. Wouldn't be surprised if the John J. Harvey, everybody's favorite retired fireboat, was out there too. BTW for those who are not from NY - North Cove Marina is directly in front of where the WTC used to stand, the buildings with the pyramid & dome are in the World Financial Center - they sustained some damage but everything was repaired.

Brunel gets buzzed...I bet they'll be glad to get out of our noisy, busy harbor & back on the open sea!

Here they go through the Verranzano Narrows and out to the lower harbor, where you start to feel the Atlantic -

And there goes Pirates of the Carribbean, out past Coney Island (if you know what to look for here, you can just make out the landmark Parachute Jump). I was crewing this weekend with one of the guys who got to work this very special event on the Manhattan. He mentioned a great detail - when they decided to go ahead & chase the race as far as the Lower Harbor, they opened up the throttle to the point where they were doing around 17 knots (close to 20 mph). Pirates passed them. This shot is Pirates receding into the distance. Impressive detail?

That's all for now. Thanks again to Captain Peter for the photos!

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