Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sailor, the Boathouse Cat

This is Sailor, the official boathouse cat of the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club.

Not that I'm going to try it, but if there was ever a cat who could be taught to ride on a kayak, this is the cat. This cat loves kayaks.

Of course I suspect that in typical cat fashion, he just thinks that these are elaborate cat baskets, and that the members of the club have just been kind enough to provide him with eighty or so to choose from. He does allow them to borrow the cat baskets to do that silly floating-on-the-water thing that humans, in their derangement, seem to like doing in these special cat baskets, but I doubt he'd appreciate it if one were to try to actually involve him in that activity.

Now there was at one time a kayaking couple in my area who had a cute little Jack Russell terrier who was trained to ride on the guy's back deck. They'd glued a sheet of closed-cell foam to give him some traction. I'm not positive that the dog really liked it - he looked fine when he was out there but I watched him coming into a dock one time & he looked like he was really excited about getting off the boat. But then I'm told that Jack Russells are masters at giving the impression that they are suffering untold woes at the hands of their cruel owners even if they are the most adored & pampered pet in the neighborhood.

(had posted this picture yesterday, just for the sheer gratuitous cuteness factor, figured I'd give him his very own post instead).

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