Friday, June 23, 2006

Corporate Challenge 6/22/06

Just a few photos from last night's Corporate Challenge. I run this every year, I usually make at least a gesture in the direction of training (cross-training is good, after all) but this year I've just had a lot going on, good stuff but time-consuming enough that it's been encroaching on things like blogging (at least coherent blogging, posts with actual points, all that good stuff) and running. Personally of course I think it's a lot better for life to impinge on blogging than the other way around. Anyhow, long story short, yesterday was hot & muggy & I decided that instead of even trying to run the whole thing, I'd have some fun & take a few pictures, so I took my camera. Ran some, walked some, took some pictures, got thoroughly sweaty & gross anyways but didn't get taken away in an ambulance, which I think at least a couple of people may have.

Now I am running to go prep for the Manhattan circumnavigation swim tomorrow (interesting forecast, thunderstorms all day) and then get to bed early so I can be up in time for my ick ugh argh 3:45 am car service, but I thought I'd at least toss up a few pictures here before I launch into that:

Who needs Venice? Spotted en route to the starting line. The gondolier was even singing. Nice date if you're into having somebody else - uh - paddle? row? scull? what the heck do you call the way a gondola is propelled, anyways? - move the boat for you. I think the people who run Port Liberte, aka Venice-on-the-Hudson need one of these!

Looking back from the 12-minute-mile flag in the non-competitive start area. River of people.

With that many people, the starter's horn goes & nothing happens for a few minutes. Then ever so slowly...shuffleshuffleshuffle...

10 minutes later or so, my section finally reaches the starting line!

One way? Well, yes, just not that one, I guess.

There's more, but I have some organizing to do, so that's it for now! Have a good weekend, everybody!

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