Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This is Kayak Girl (fka Mrs. Kayak Boy)!

She was very happy when this picture was taken because she had just gotten a bunch of friends & relations to come over and help her and Kayak Boy paint their new apartment (kind of a brilliant idea if you have the right kind of friends & relations, i.e. the helpful sort who actually think that sounds like fun - and it was, too!). Their colors came out very snappy - there was a green that was a little eye-popping when it went on but dried nicely, and the blue looks a little purple here but think Wedgwood blue & white, very very nice. They have a little green blob on the ceiling to remember me by - I was up on a ladder painting around the doorframe & as I got the last bit & Kayak Boy pronounced the room Done, I shouted "Woo hoo!" and raised my arms into the air in triumph, forgetting that I was holding a paintbrush in my hand & was about a foot and a half below the ceiling. And the ceiling sort of stucco-ey. Oops.

Anyways, Kayak Girl cracked me up with this face & she gave me permission to use this...remember, KG?

I'm posting this now 'cause she just spoiled my contentment with my already insanely aquatic weekend (circumnavigate Manhattan w/swimmer on Saturday, work on schooner on Sunday) with a reminder that I am YET AGAIN missing the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. This is my revenge. Bwahahahahaaa!

As I said in a response to her comment, the Mermaid Parade is something that I've wanted to go see every year since I found out it existed, but never get to because of all these dad-gummed boats of mine - I always forget to find out what day it is, end up getting myself committed to some boat duty or other, and never get to go. This time I'm working the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, as outlined yesterday.

ok...secretly maybe I'd really like to march in it someday...

just something I threw together for an office Halloween party a few years back (one of my co-workers took this). Y'know, a bikini instead of a turtleneck, a little heavier on the glitter, and...

naaaah. But I would like to see it. Maybe next year.

Well, KG, if you take any good pictures, can you send me a couple? that would make for a fun post!

Oh man, and the Gay Pride Parade is on Sunday...a person who likes taking pictures could just go crazy. I'll be out on the schooner that day, though.

Well, here's to perfect weather for all of us!

And just so he doesn't feel left out (plus because I thought it came out kind of neat), here's Kayak Boy cleaning up after the painting party!

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