Monday, June 26, 2006

A Few Manhattan Island Marathon Photos

Fellow paddling blogger Charlie just asked me I had pictures up yet, so I figured I would take a moment & put some up here so I could say yes! Of course don't miss Saturday night's rain shot. It's not the best picture I've ever taken, but it really says it all as far as how the race went - it was one soggy day out there. I had quite the waterborne weekend - I was on the river from 5:30 am to around 5 pm on Saturday, then worked 2 schooner trips on Sunday. Worked out to around 17 hours on the water. I can feel my stamina improving week by week. Summer just rocks.

Kayak escorts gather at North Cove, 6:30 AM

Good morning, Charlie!

Swimmers jumping in the water

Swimmers waiting for the start -

And they're off!

I have a few more pictures over on Buzznet. I don't spend a lot of time taking pictures during the circumnavigation swim - the kayaks really are there to serve a purpose, we literally (litorally? ha ha, estua-really!) guide the swimmer around the island, make sure we keep them on course, keep an eye out for obstacles (and jellyfish, we're in jellyfish time right now), all while not getting in the swimmer's way yourself - tough to do all that & take pictures too.

Oh, and I see that one of my Buzznet acquaintances & his friends didn't just ATTEND Saturday's Mermaid Parade - they braved the rain & marched in it! Well, just stands to reason, who's ever heard of a mermaid who's afraid of a little water? You can see his gallery of all the tawdry Coney Island fun here. Thanks, Seawall!

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