Thursday, June 08, 2006

Still there!

Pier 63 update - not an official here's-the-scoop kind, but I thought I'd just mention that I was at the pier today & can tell you that everything is still there.

Everything that was on the north side of the barge (the Frying Pan, the schooner Anne, of the 1000 Days, and the Laissez-Faire) has moved to the south side - that's because before too long, Weeks Marine will be coming in to start work in earnest on the new Pier 64.

Beyond that, everything looks just like it did when I was over there a few days ago.

Speaking of still being around - I want to apologize for my scarcity of late! We are in the year-end close at work; boating season has also started in earnest, and I've just got a lot going on - some of it really good - time is at a particular premium right now. Think most of the boat-bloggers out there can sympathize, right?

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