Monday, January 22, 2007

CB1 Waterfront Committee Meeting Tonight

Oops. More important than I have disengaged from Hudson River politics, I've disengaged from my self-appointed town crier role too. Almost forgot to say that there's a Community Board 1 Waterfront Committee tonight where the Downtown Boathouse is on the agenda. I don't know specifics but I'm wondering if this is concerning the business with there now NOT being money for a boathouse on Pier 26, as was the plan when the old Downtown Boathouse was torn down.

I'm going to try to go, just to hear what's said - I'm trying to disengage from active participation but I'm still interested in following the access story. Sorry I'm mentioning it so late in the day. Here is the announcement proper from CB1's public notice page:

Waterfront Committee
DATE: Monday, January 22, 2007
TIME: 6:00 PM
PLACE: Community Board #1 Office
49-51 Chambers Street, Room 709

1) East River Waterfront – Preview on upcoming ULURP action – Presentation by EDC
2) Strategic planning needs assessment discussion lead by Michael Levine, Director of Planning and Land Use of CB #1

Pier 26 – Boat House –7:30 PM
1) Subgroup working session

Sorry again about the late notice.

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