Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life Ain't Fair!

First the kayak storage at Pier 63 gets threatened because some non-boaters decided that motorized & non motorized vessels can't operate in the same waters.

Now the Irish music session I occasionally attend is evidently threatened because the owners of our host pub have apparently decided that we don't drink enough.

So much for THAT stereotype, eh?

Fortunately there are a few more Irish pubs in NYC than there are kayak storage facilities - hopefully it will be easier to re-house a displaced session than it would be to re-house a displaced paddling community.

Dunno, though - last night's session rocked, it was literally standing room only. Our fearless session leader JN has hit on a great concept of having guest artists in once a month or so. Last night we had Patrick Mangan, who's an extremely talented young fiddler & he led a really excellent session. I ended up staying out quite a bit past my bedtime - the session just didn't start winding down at the usual hour.

Did my bit for the cause, too, had a couple of pints. Quite a sacrifice, yes, but one I made with a good spirit!

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