Thursday, January 18, 2007

Long Island Dolphins - Stranded, not just visiting.

This is actually a couple of days old now, think I heard it on the radio on Tuesday or Wednesday but I wanted to do that trip report -

Sadly, it turns out that bizarre, possibly unseasonable-warmth related business with all the dolphins in the Hamptons has not ended well.Here's the story.

I do wonder if maybe the story didn't even begin well, and it just took time to figure that out. Is it possible that the first reports were just filed without anyone realizing that the dolphins were actually stuck? Most of the reports did have at least some element of "This is very odd" mixed in with that spontaneous initial reaction of "Wow! Dolphins! Cool!" (who doesn't get that when they see a dolphin?).

Sorry about the melancholy update. Today's planned post was actually a bit on the silly side, but I'm stuck at work, decided to take 5 before I launch into the next step of big ugly project (which just landed on my desk at 5:30, but this is actually one of those ones where it's not really annoying, nobody's fault, just needs to get done), and I remembered that I'd wanted to mention the unfortunate developments, since I'd posted a link to the original story just the other day.

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