Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh, yeah, DOLPHINS! plus a little more on Cookie Monster -

OK, I loved that proto-Cookie Monster clip so much I completely forgot that I'd meant to link to the area's big marine mammal story du jour. Know how I was talking about how much warmer than usual the water felt on New Year's Day? And how I found out through a little net surfing that it was indeed about 10 degrees above our usual average water temperature?

Well, it seems there's a pod of dolphins who are liking that warm water & are paying an extended visit to the Hamptons, the famous resort area on Long Island's South Fork (usually news stories from the Hamptons are more along the lines of what party Paris went to - personally I'd rather read about dolphins any day).

Now the interesting thing is that I haven't heard any seal stories yet this year - for the last few years, a group of harbor seals has been wintering in New York Harbor. Perhaps they just aren't news anymore, but usually by this time of year there are reports of seal spottings on the local kayak listserve. I wonder if they haven't made it down this far because of the mild winter?

All very strange. I was rolling without a hood last weekend. Yes, in January, in New York City. That's just plain weird.

About the Cookie Monster video yesterday - although it looked like the Cookie Monster, the skit struck me as being not quite Sesame-ish, closer to the Muppet Show, but clearly predating the Muppet Show by a long time. I knew that the Muppets had appeared in some famous show before Sesame Street, so when I got home last night I looked up Jim Henson on Wikipedia.

The famous show was The Ed Sullivan Show!

It also turns out that Wikipedia has some really excellent bios not JUST on Jim Henson and Frank Oz, but on the individual Muppets themselves. Here's the article about the Cookie Monster.


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