Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Panorama

Want to see a little more of that view?

I tend to ignore the video function of the Optio except for when I use it as a tool to help teach rolling. When the issue is something as simple as the person genuinely believes they are "dinking" (dropping their head as they right their boat, tough to roll if you don't), and they aren't, I find it can be most effective to just show 'em what's up (that needs to be down). Beyond that, I just don't think of it much.

Happily, though, TQ is a little more adventurous. I have some lovely pictures but this is better:

I was supposed to be at the Hudson Valley Kayak Symposium, but unfortunately they didn't have the turnout they did in the last couple of years, so they had to cut down the staff. Not kidding when I say unfortunate, it's a nice weekend - frankly, though, we had a slightly long & grueling flight back from Hawaii, with weather complications, and now I'm fighting a little bit of jetlag, and I'm just as happy to be a little closer to home this weekend. I helped out at the Sebago Open House today - it was a lot of fun, despite uninviting weather. Did some assistant trip leading taking some very nice folks out on the water, then got out the surfski for the first time since I left the Hudson. One of my clubmates actually tried it out & did quite well, didn't swim unintentionally once, and pulled off a very nice remount. That was pretty cool.

And tomorrow, a whole unscheduled day. Marvelous.

Might go paddling.

I'm such a bore...

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